Saturday, July 12, 2014

Various Opinions : Internet and SNS

      is a lot of buzz these days about the several aspects of the different kinds of effects of internet and specially social media (SNS- Social Networking Services) on our lives.

I thought, it is a good time to put my say on this matter. I've have been reading and experiencing almost same as all of us are feeling in present scenario. Companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter have made entry well inside our personal lives. These sites not only know about our permanent information like mail id, phone number, address but are also aware about our current location and even mood. Let's dwell a little more on this matter today.

 Yesterday's Incident :- Microsoft, Google and People

        Before starting the discourse about this matter I would like to share yesterday's incident. We had to go to Microsoft Research Bangalore for the meetup related to MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses). Irony of the matter is that google was the sole reason that we had been able to make it up to the office almost on time. But the reason for discussing this incident is not this.The reason is that I don't know why, but on that day after reaching in the vicinity very near to that area almost each and everyone from whom we asked about the address either misguided us or showed a complete ignorance. Few characters took all the information from us, wasted both their and our time, informing us at the end of the discussion that they had no idea about the address. And the story doesn't end here. To the extent of our